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EZStay™ is a contactless Guest Experience platform

Guest Experience is the overall perceived quality of services, the convenience, responsiveness and speed of fulfilment of requests that Guests receive with minimal effort, during their stay. It may rated in a scale of 1 to 5,5 being outstanding.

Guests either come for a holiday break or a business trip. In both cases, they look for a relaxing, stress-free and effortless experience in accessing all services, at any time and any way they want – from the time they check-in to the time that they leave the hotel. A relaxed, happy Guest wouldn’t mind spending in more experiences, reasonably priced and engaging – if they are available at their finger tips.

EZStay™ helps Hoteliers up-sell and cross-sell their services, having insightful information on revenue metrics like RevPAR ADR and Occupancy, most popular services, revenue by service type and may other dimensions. This can be tracked within a single property or multiple properties with a city, state, country, region or worldwide. EZStayTM also gives guests, power at their finger-tips to access any service, any time in a way they want it with configurable services according to regional tastes and preferences.

EZStay™ provides the option to configure time slots for paid services such as Salon, Spa, Body Massage, Yoga or free, value added services – like using the Gym, Swimming Pool Badminton, Tennis etc

Please see the link “How it works” or watch the video here.

Activate Windows EZStay™ digitises all services available in a Hotel depending on their star rating e.g. Concierge, Room Service, Maintenance, Book a Table, Housekeeping, In-House Shopping, Special Services éte activate Windows.

Upon arrival, guests will be prompted to provide their booking reference when they scan your unique QR code. EzstayTM can be integrated to your PMS to reconcile this. Guests can then scan their IDs with their mobile cameras to upload onto your PMS via EzstayTM Once they have checked in they can avail your services by scanning your QR code, placed within the rooms and around the property.

We will provide your property with a unique QR code that will be displayed at the reception in the rooms and across your property. Guests can access all your services by just scanning the code.

NO. We understand that no one wants unnecessary apps on their phones – especially if they may not use it that often. Ezstay™ is a web-app that can be accessed through the QR code. The app has been designed to fit any mobile screen size.

See the benefits to Hoteliers here.

Watch this video to see who could use EZStay™.

Our Service Tiers are explained here.

Yes, we can offer EZStay on on on-premise model within your own data-centre or IT premises. However we will need remote access to the instance of EZStayTM to provide ongoing support.

We offer both Subscription-based or On-Premise (Perpetual License) depending on the total number of rooms across the properties you wish to use it for.

EZStay™  pulls data directly from your PMS to validate the Guest when they check-in (Integration to your PMS will be needed). It also integrates to your existing payment gateway infrastructure for Check-out. The only information it holds is the Guest name, Date of check-in and check-out, Room No. Services consumed during their stay and spend (revenue generated per room).

Yes, EZStayTM does not hold any confidential data on guests or their card details, so it is fully GDPR compliant and protects customer data.

A wide range of metrics as per your priority, depending on the tier you are. Examples – ADR, RevPAR, Occupancy, Revenue by service, and many more.

Customisation is possible to the extent of your brand, invoicing, Policies, Ts and Cs etc. that Guests need to accept as a part of check-in and Check-out formalities

EZStay™  keeps a tab on all services consumed during a guest’s stay in your hotel and presents it to them on the of check-out. The guests can verify, approve or dispute the bill and get the point of “Pay Now” this will then be integrated to the Hotel’s own secure payment gateway.

Following successful payment as above – the PMS will be notified of payment. Rules can be set to ensure payment is made before they leave at a specified time.

It is almost impossible for the app to bill incorrectly (as all services are pre-rated and the request for services such as room-service meals is made by the guest themselves). The app will have an option to send the message to the reception front desk to look into any other services such as bill-split, separate invoices etc.

EZStay™  digitises ALL services one can offer in a hotel with a seamless communication channel with specific departments and intelligence to see how profitable your business is. It also enables service excellence while raising Guest Experience with the sheer ease of accessing any services at any time during their stay.

Yes, this is customisable to each Hotel/Resort establishment.

By e-mail. The PDF Invoice can be generated in EZStay™  which can be pulled through by the front-desk staff and e-mailed to the Guest through your Corporate Mail server.

EZStay™  provides an option to rate guest experience after every service they receive and also integrate their feedback to social media after they have settled their bill in full.

Yes, EZStayTM app provides an option for Bill-splitting but only by services consumed my the main guest and their family living in the same room (-e.g. shopping bill+ alcohol bill maybe personal and meals, concierge in business)

No – access to the web app will be lost after the guest leaves the premises.

All guests receive a link along with the e-invoice (PDF) after they have checked out to re-open a conversation and request for any further assistance.