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Service Tiers & Pricing

EZStay™ has a well considered service tiers. These are broken down to different types of hotel types – Boutique, Elite and Luxury. Whatever type of hospitality business you are, simply choose the tier you need and then let’s engage in a coffee /virtual chat.

The Cloud hosting fee is recurring so make sure you have an eco-friendly hosting partner for your applications estate! After all, we are all trying to decarbonise our businesses and got to take every step in reducing carbon foot-print for our future generations.  We can either provide you eco-friendly hosting at an extra cost or you can get it from your existing hosting provider.

The one time set-up fee of £999 per property includes Organisation set-up : configuration of Admin, departments and staff, Digital Ts & Cs templates and Invoice templates with personalised branding. Trip Advisor or equivalent, Social media and payment gateway integration will be included as well. 

In addition to the one-time set-up fee, there will also be one-time integration costs to either your online reservation/booking system or with your PMS in the property using APIs securely. This will have to be evaluated and quoted separately, based on our initial meeting/s while assessing your integration complexity. 

The Super Admin feature will be issued to Hoteliers that have a chain of properties (not for Boutiques). So you will need to step into the Elite or Luxury tier for a Super Admin access. The advantage of this feature is you can get a birds eye-view of your revenue, guest volumes and other performance metrics to see how your brand fares across properties. 

Initially, there will be no cap on the types of service categories you can configure or the limit of services within each categories. This will be limited after the PILOT project at your Hotel and based on your tier.

The recurring price of £3.50 per room per month will be in force after the first month of free trial for the usage. There will be a contract governing the PILOT stage and the actual usage of the service between the hospitality business and Atula Technologies Ltd.

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific need or request for a demo! Or better still reach out to us at https://atula.co.uk

Features Elegant Elite Extravagant
Dedicated VPS Secure Hosting
Digital Check-in
Mobile /Digital key to access your room
Secure QR Code for the property and Guest Rooms
Service Categories (default)
Room Service
House - Keeping
In-house Souvenir Shop
Beauty Salon
Additional Service Categories to choose

Wellness, Gym
Tennis/Badminton/TT /Swimming (Indoor sports)
Swimming Pool
Maintenance (A/c, Plumbing, electrics etc.)
Restaurant (book a table)

Features Elegant Elite Extravagant
Guest Web App
Mobile Web app (enabling the services configured)
Guest Experience Feedback
Rating/comments for all services configured
Digital Invoice creation
Invoice creation in your brand and template
Personalised Hotel Ts & Cs
Bills presentment in-app
Queries on bills/agree upon final bill amount in-app
PDF Invoice generation and e-mail to Guest
Split Invoice
Communication with Guests (In App Chat)
Integration to your Social proofing tool/s (e.g.)Trip Advisor, FB/Meta etc.
Dedicated Account Manager
Optional Extras (OE) - Chargeable on actual scope
Communication within/between departments (In App Chat)
Track waste production across guest rooms/departments
Monitor waste reduction across guest rooms/departments
Monitor Net-zero across property
I N T E G R A T I O N (one-time) - Chargeable on actual scope
Integration to your payment gateway
Integration to your pms (property management system/s)
* Actual TOTAL PRICE will vary on your exact requirements and subject to our standard T’s and C’s